Hiking at Arches National Park

My name is Jessie. I am a teenager and I love to travel. I enjoy telling people about my journeys, experiences and adventures. I also love hearing about other people’s trips. I listen intently as people describe their latest vacation details to me. I store the info and often throw it up as a suggestion when we undoubtedly discuss our plans for our next family vacation on our long 2 hour car rides to grandmas house!

Speaking of family vacations, my family tries to travel as much as possible whether it’s a quick day trip to New York City to a two week excursion to Israel. My family tries to explore every possible inch of this earth that we live on. During most school breaks, my family tries to visit a new place and we have a strict rule of not repeating places. We enjoy staying busy and active, and often on our trips, you can find my family biking, hiking, sightseeing, and doing many other cultural and adventurous activities around the globe. My mom usually books our trips about a year in advance with pretty good deals that you can read about on her site, The Points Mom.

I often talk shop with a mom who carpools me to swim practice. After each and every school vacation, she always asks me to explain (in tremendous detail) about my trip. I anticipate this day and usually prepare a 20 minute “oral presentation” of everything that I did on the trip, what I enjoyed and what I wouldn’t recommend. I look forward to sharing these details because I hope to encourage her and her family to travel to these destinations as well. Sometimes they do!

All of this is what sparked my interest to create this blog, where young teenagers can inspire other people to travel all around the world by sharing their stories. It is a collection of travel reviews by wandering young adults, like myself, where we share many facts about our destinations, local history and culture, activities, restaurants and hotels. My site can take you from an ice hotel in Sweden to a safari in South Africa to a fish fry in Providenciales to many other local and far off lands. The world on my site will only get bigger as I gather more and more travel narratives from all of you.

When I am not traveling or writing about traveling, I am home in Chappaqua, NY with my parents, twin brother, Mason, older brother, Daniel and my 3 rescue dogs, Happy, Rambo, and Cooper. You can find me kicking a soccer ball, playing tennis, swimming, running, or twiddling with a Rubik’s Cube.